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Johannas Larson born 1850 Winnabago Co. Wi.

Johannas(John)Larson b. 1850, Winnabago Co. Wi.

Family surnames that we are researching are; Wi. and Norway ---- Mi., Mass., N.Y., and Canada ---- Tn., Ark., and Mo., ---- In., Il., Ark., and Mo. ---- S.C., and Ky., ---- S.c., N.C., Ky., and In. ---- Wi. ---- Wi.---- Tn. ---- Tn. ---- Towne(s) Ky. ---- In.

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If You would like more information about any of the
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be happy to help anyone who is
researching this family line.
As I am traveling around the US, it may take a little
time for me to respond to my E-Mail.

If you would like to add information or interesting stories
about anyone in this list, send them ATTACHED to an Email,
and I will include any pertinent information.


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