I Know of a large piece of prime property that
is just waiting for someone to develop into one of the finest
vacation, RV park, Marina, Gulf course, and other uses,in
the area. It is large enough for all of that
and more.
We are talking over 900 Ac. with a very large commercial
building that has never been used.
It is lacated in one of the Nations newest, fast growing

----What I Need----

I need someone who would like to bankroll me as a partner
or invest in this venture with me. I would do most of the
development of the marina, and RV Park, as well as oversee and
the other ventures. I would arrange for the Gulf course and
some other phases to be Lease/developed by outside

----How Much money is needed?----

It will take about $8,000,000 to purchase the property, and
development could come from construction loans, or extra
investment money. The reason for ownning the property
outright, is to allow for the sale of club memberships in
the RV Resort, the gulf Course, and possibly the marina.

----Possible return----

The membership in the Rv park could sell for $3000-5000 each.
It is common practice to sell 10 memberships for each
developed RV space. Suppose you only developed 200 spaces,it
could support many more that that,
and sold the memberships for only $3000, and only sold five
times the amount of spaces. That would generate 200 spaces X
5 memberships per space X $3000. that would produce $3,000,000. .
Plus you collect annual dues. The National average for
the Rv industry is around $300. YR.. 200 X 5 X $300 = $300,000
per year.
And these figures are only for the RV Park. there would still
the Gulf Course, the Marina, a Restraunt, Gift shop, and
the sale of lots and also any land that we chose to resale.

----What do I provide?----

I have been a full-time RVer, for 4 years. I have paid attention
to what works and what doesn't, in RV Parks.
I have some knowlage of Real estate, have a strong desire to
develop and operate a park. I would be coming into the deal,
with much knowlage, and practial skill, but no cash, My share
of the partnership would be sweat equity, and

The best way to contact me is by phone, or mail service. the
address is;
Dale Larson
215 Rainbow Dr. Apt. 11529
Livingston, Texas 77399-2015

Phone 210-867-0579

If you would perfer a smaller RV Park venture, I would be willing
to search out a good prospect, and develop it also.

Front of building
moat surrounds front side

side of building
with moat& land

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